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Tilapia Farming At Home

Tilapia farming at home is an easy and exciting way to put the freshest fish on your family's table. Your own farm raised tilapia will be the best tasting fish you've ever eaten. It will easily take on any gourmet preparation that you choose, without adding that "muddy river bottom" taste to your meals. Best of all, your own tilapia won't cost $3.99 to $8.99 per pound. In fact, with just a little extra effort, you can even feed your backyard tilapia for free!

Professional tilapia farming made simple

We are Lakeway Tilapia. A full service hatchery, supplying breeding colonies and tilapia fingerlings for commercial aquaculture and backyard tilapia farming. We are deeply committed to educating those interested in starting up new tilapia farming operations, as well as improving the yields and profitability of existing tilapia farms. Our main website,, is filled with all sorts of technical information about tilapia fingerlings and tilapia farming. We are very proud of the accuracy that we maintain on our sites, however this level of technical expertise can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for the average backyard tilapia farmer.

We created Backyard Tilapia in an effort to keep things simple. Plain talk and a little bit of irreverence are at home here. We're only going to focus on the techniques that are easily repeatable at home. We will utilize materials that can be purchased locally and methods that allow for a lot of deviation. Of course, we will be mindful of your money too and will always take the path of lowest cost, provided that it doesn't negatively impact the quality of your tilapia harvest.

Your tilapia farm is our mission

Our primary mission with Backyard Tilapia is to enable food independence for you and your family. We will show you how to raise hundreds of pounds of tilapia per year in your own backyard or garage. That's more than enough edible filets to feed the largest family, with plenty left over for friends and relatives. We're also going to show you how to do this on a very tight budget. If you're like most of us, the whole point of tilapia farming at home is to save money and enjoy a more self-sufficient lifestyle. As a bonus, your own farm raised tilapia will be the healthiest, cleanest, and best tasting you've ever had; one hundred percent free of any hormones or genetic modifications, and completely organic.

There are many tilapia farming methods that end with a fish on your plate. Our goal from the onset of this website, is to make sure that anyone can do it, without making it a full-time chore or maxing out their credit cards. If you agree with what you read here, please tell everyone about Backyard Tilapia, if you don't agree then please tell us.

Food independence is within your reach

Two hundred years ago, seventy percent of all Americans worked on the farm. Today, less than one percent of the population works in farming and only about one third of American homeowners are taking the time to do any vegetable gardening at all. The number of households engaged in animal protein farming is so low that there isn't even a reliable statistic for it. Our modern way of life dictates that we are supposed to work at a job in exchange for money and then spend that money to buy all of the things that we need, including our food. The irony of this societal conformity is that we could have produced much of this food ourselves in just a few minutes per day and then used the savings to enhance our lives in other ways or possibly even worked a little bit less.

The next time that you are at the grocery store, think about how many hours you had to work for each item that you put in the shopping cart. The cost of meat is outrageous and a big part of why so many people have given it up entirely and now the price of fish is going up too. The problem of rising prices isn't being created by greedy farmers, it's all of the middlemen including co-ops, processors, distributors, suppliers and the grocery stores themselves, who step in after the harvest. By farming your own fresh tilapia at home, you are literally eliminating everyone between you and your food. Instead of working at your job just to line the pockets of multi-national food conglomerates, you can keep your money for all of the things that you can't make yourself. You will soon discover a secret that a growing number of people in America are getting to know. Growing your own food and farming your own tilapia requires far less of your time and effort, than the job you do to earn the money that you trade at the grocery store.